10 Reasons why RIFENG Piping Systems will benefit your business

1. They are versatile & simple to use
2. Made from interwoven polyethylene fibres to be strong, light and durable
3. Theft associated with copper piping is reduced dramatically
4. Material cost is 30-50 percent lower than copper & other metal piping systems
5. Labour time is significantly reduced
6 Flexible, lightweight & easy to install.
7. Tooling is very affordable
8. The combination of metal and plastic eliminates the disadvantages of normal plastic pipes or steel/copper pipes, but retains the important benefits of both
9. Multilayer pipe has five robust layers
10. Long runs of pipe (coils) reduce cost, assists with excellent flow rates and prevents hammer or noise

and.. The Biggest Sales and Service Network in the World

Who We are

RIFENG was introduced to the South African market 10 years ago by RIFENG Piping Systems, a privately owned professional pipe supplier established in 1996 with ties in over 80 countries. It has been proven to be the most reliable and economic piping system in the country and remains the only RIFENG product supplier in Southern Africa.

Our head office is based in Durban, we have warehouses in JHB and CT and currently distribute to Southern Africa through this network.
We combine top quality, cutting edge technology with professional friendly service and support to make us a business of excellent repute who pride ourselves on delivering to all your needs.
RIFENG Multilayer and PEX systems have more than 50 certifications including SABS, German DVGW and other international institutes.

These worldwide certificates underline our technical and quality superiority and allow us to provide clients with a 10 year system warranty backed up by an international insurance company as well as a lifetime guarantee on certain systems.

RIFENG systems have been trusted to compliment high profile projects, such as:

  • The Pearls, Umhlanga Rocks (34 stories)
  • The Radisson Hotel, Port Elizabeth (34 stories)
  • The Spinnaker Apartments, Durban (30 stories)
  • Simbithi Ballito apartments, Ballito
  • Kronendal Retirement Village, Houtbay
  • Moffet-on-main shopping mall, Port Elizabeth
  • Numerous housing and golfing estates

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Mission Statement

RIFENG Piping Systems mission is to serve its customers and be a partner in their growth and success. We accomplish this through the highest quality service delivery and a commitment to helping them meet their goals.

What we do

We specialise in the importing of RIFENG's plumbing pipes and fittings from China for distribution to wholesale and retail markets within South Africa and for export to Southern Africa.

We supply easy-to-install, high quality PEX products and multi-layer composite pipe systems with the following practical features and benefits:

  • The RIFENG piping system offers versatile and simple installation combined with safety
  • Half the price of copper with the same expansion and NO theft value
  • Cost effective – uses less fittings, no flux/soldering required
  • Approved for hot and cold installations
  • 100% diffusion-resistant multi-layer composite
  • All LPG requirements for Gas pipe
  • Each joint 100% guaranteed leak free
  • Easy to bend pipe with no sleeving, soldering or flux required
  • Pipe offers excellent long time rupture strength and safety in daily use
  • Crimp fittings made out of DZR brass and are high pressure and corrosion resistant.
  • Crimp fittings can be recycled
  • Systems have a working life in excess of 80 years
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Apart from boasting the biggest sales and support network and being the largest manufacturer of PEX piping in the world, RIFENG products are the benchmark when it comes to quality, including the following advantages:

  • RIFENG systems adhere to global standards
  • Carry SABS mark of approval
  • Lifetime of pipe 50-80 years and no corrosion
  • Guaranteed working life of 20 years
  • A range of installation manuals at customer's disposal
  • On-site expertise and training service also available
  • Over 40 product approvals across the world
  • Sufficiently stocked to service all order requirements
  • RIFENG covers more than 80 countries worldwide
  • Carry Afrox approval and Australian standard
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