Radisson Blu Hotel PE

Radisson Blu Hotel's location is near PE city centre and transport options. This hotel's address is close to PE city centre provides proximity to several transport options and to the stunning coastal scenes of this South African city. Easily access Port Elizabeth via the myriad of roadways, and then once in the city, take advantage of the bus system to reach attractions like Nelso Mandela Bay Stadium, Schotia Safaris Private Game reserve and Greenacres shopping Centre.

Donker – Utrecht, Netherlands

In the evening the stained glass windows of the cathedral are illuminated from the inside. This gives the church and the tower the impression of coming to life

Melbourne Offices Australia

Office building in Melbourne Australia

78 Fox Street Johannesburg

No 78 Fox Street is in the centre of Johannesburg. It is an old building being retro fitted. We are supplying the pipe and fittings for the cooling and heating system. (Plus minus 2 million rands worth of pipes and fittings). There are three different pipe sizes and fitting being used. (2025, 2632 and 3240). The building has 27 floors, and is going to be used for offices. The work is being done by Lumacon. It is a Government project for urban renewal.

Beijing Airport China